Oddly enough, the first thing I noticed was the pleasant vanilla-y type of scent from the Stila liquid lips. This was probably because I was borderline traumatized when I smelt the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipstick, which smelt like rotten fish (or maybe I got a expired one) but you dont forget a smell like that! So now that we’re past the scent, the formula is thin enough to allow for an even and easily spreadable application. All shades layer nicely (with no annoying product crumbling off).I have about 15 seconds to play around with the lipstick before it sets and then it’s stays for a LONG time! I ate dinner, danced until I was sweating head to chin and drank plenty of water – and 5 hours later I didnt need to touch up once! Even after scrubbing these swatches off on my hands with a dish sponge, practically removing a layer of my skin, I can still see lipstick stains. The lipstick does fade unevenly (like all liquid lips i’ve tried) by the 8th hour, it’s not noticeably enough to do an emergency touch up, that’s saying a lot. Stila is the O.G. on liquid lips and they carry that tile with pride. My favorite formula ever- I wont stray far!

Baci: light cool pink with slight mauve undertones

Fresco: mid-tone nude with pink undertones

Patina: medium-dark mauve shade

Rubino: bright blue based red

Bacca: medium tone red with pink undertones. This shade had the lightest pigment of them all but with two swipes is easily buildable.




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