Tarte Skin Twinkle Lightening Palette. I normally CRINGE every time I see an oily finger swatch any type of powder. When swatched with oily fingers, product because the oils from fingers gets deposited onto the powder and hardens it, making it less pigmented. Funny enough when I first got this palette I thought how could it be SO different from the open display palette I searched at Sephora? It was not pigmented, the powders were dry and thin and I was getting NOTHING from the middle shade. So I was getting ready to write a completely different review on this until I swatched it with my fingers (I normally swatch makeup with a brush but I didn’t think I’d use this after writing a review) it actually loosened up the powders enough to remove the hard top layer that was densely packed in and left a WAY more pigmented powder for all three shades underneath! It’s like after you wash your eyeliner brush, it gets stiff and then you wiggle the bristles around and it breaks the stiffness and loosens up the hairs. I even liked the weird powder shade in the middle after swatching it, which no one really liked. From left to right: light gold based highlight (looks wet on my cheeks), middle is a matte yellow powder to set under eyes (quite chalky) and lastly is a deeper gold based tan (similar creamy and wet texture as the first shade and would make for a great eyeshadow!) #tarte #tartehighlighter #highlight #highlights #skintwinklelightingpalette

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