Tarte Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner: Black

The Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner ($29 CAD) in Black is a double sided eyeliner, with a felt tip on one side and a pencil on the other. The felt tip has a demi-matte finish where the pencil is completely matte. Both products are extremely black and super long lasting and require a balm or a really good makeup remover to take off.

The felt tip is the perfectly length and comes to a very fine tip, allowing you to do whatever detail work you desire. The pencil is creamy enough to glide onto my lash line without tugging or pulling and stiff enough to not move or feather out once applied.

The liquid liner is extremly pigmented and does not feather out at all once applied. It dries completely and does not rub off or fade on me through the day. For those who like a good wing, the brush, amount of product dispensed onto the brush and colour of the liner will keep you flying high.

This is truly my favourite eyeliner products that i’ve used so far. I dont hear people talk about this but it’s definitely a hidden gem. It’s also lasted me a really long time (I’m going 3 months strong), but of course it depends how much of the liner you typically use. I’ve included a tip of how I wear my liner at the end if interested. This is beauty swatched approved!


Left: liquid liner, right: pencil liner


Left: liquid liner, right: pencil liner (natural light)


Left: liquid liner, right: pencil liner (artificial light)

Tip: as i’ve gotten older, the fold above my crease is either getting  droopier 🙁 Every time I draw my wing on thinking i’m pointing up, and then relax my eye, my wing falls down because my fold is so heavy. So, this is what I do: I apply half falsies to the outer corner of my eye. Towards the end of the false lash, I make sure it adheres slightly upwards as opposed to downward to give me that feline eye effect. Then, I take the liquid liner and line the inner corner of my lash stopping at where the band starts. I dont line over the band. So, I really only line the inner 1/3 of my eye but you cant tell because where I stop lining is where the false lashes start so it appears like the line continues. Lastly, I take the pencil and line my upper lashline to make my liner appear darker and more intense.

Happy lining gorgeous !


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