Tatcha Gold Camelia Beauty Oil

The Tatcha Gold Camelia beauty oil ($114 CAD) is a luxurious beauty oil that can be used on your hair, as a moisturizer, mixed in to your foundation to add a subtle sheen or on your body for moisture. The steep price tag comes with the 24 carat gold flex that are mixed into the product, which to be honest, dont really do anything. There are a few flex of gold in my travel size bottle (more in the full size bottle) but whenever I get them out, the oil performs the exact same without it.

This is a nice oil and I have used it for all its intended purposes. When mixed into foundation, you only need 1-2 drops maximum and it will add a glow to your foundation (for dry to normal skin girls). Be careful not to blend it out with a beauty blender sponge because when I tried, the water in my sponge was causing the foundation not to blend very well. This technique is best used with a brush!

When I use this on my face, my face feels really greasy afterwards so I tend to aovid that method. Similarly, my hair is rarely ever that dry where I need to add a oil because when I do, I get greasy hair.

All in all, it’s a nice oil for those who enjoy oils, have dry skin or like to make a foundation cocktail. For the ridiculously steep price, it’s not worth it though and there are several alternatives in the market so for that reason, this is not beauty swatched approved.


You can see the gold flex in the bottle

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