Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask

I received a sample from Sephora of the sold out Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask ($79 CAD) so my busy body can learn what all the fuss is about. The mask claims to leave your face brighter, with a glow and softer. The consistency is medium-thick, it has a violet colour and has no scent to it.

The mask is sticky and doesn’t dry down on my face after wearing it for the recommended 15-20 minutes . I personally don’t  mind the tackiness because I can wear this mask and forget about it since my face can still comfortably move and it doesn’t flake off onto the floor… the only thing is that you need to remember to not touch your face or the mask will transfer in a sticky, gooey mess.

This is the type of mask I’d use in the shower because it’s not the easiest mask to wash off. Since it’s so tacky, you need to consistently go over each area on your face and rub (or use a clarisonic) to dissolve the mask away. Once removed, I can attest that my skin did feel softer, it wasnt as red and overall my skin looked and felt a bit smoother. For reference, I dont have acne breakouts st the moment nor do I suffer from excessively red skin so for a normal girl with average skin, I could feel the difference.

I like the mask, but it’s no different from my homemade masks (happy to share if you’re interested) or even less expensive ones. For the price, this should be more differentiated so although this may not be the most popular opinion, it is not beauty swatched approved.



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