The Battle of the Drugstore Face Palettes (Canadian Edition)

I always browse through the makeup aisle when I visit my local drugstores but during a recent trip I was impressed with the amazing variety of face palettes I found. The entire makeup industry has seriously picked up their game when it comes to highlighting, bronzing and contouring powders and I love being on the receiving end of their results!

I wanted to share with you the results of my latest trip to Shoppers Drug Mart. For those unable to have access to Quo (which I believe is a Shoppers exclusive?) or Gosh (which is harder to find in the US) dont fear because these certainly are dupeable and I’m happy to share more available alternatives if anyone would like.

Happy swatching ūüôā

Maybelline Facestudio Master Bronze Kit: Medium ($13.96 CAD)

This kit contains one shimmery champagne highlight, a cool light bronzer with subtle sheen, a warmer matte bronzer and a cool deep mate contour shade. I enjoy the variety of colours in this palette (it has a good mix of warm and cool shades) and the highlight is right up my alley. The colours are soft, the pigment is just right (not overly pigmented but not very stiff either) and it blends out nicely. Overall, this is a nice palette but you probably have colours similar to this in your stash and will likely forget about this once you buy it. It’s nice and certainly gets the job done but it’s nothing super special. For those who are just getting into makeup and want to experiment with warm and cool colours to see what you like, this is a great way to experiment.¬†Beauty swatched approved, but not necessary.¬†

Maybelline Facestudio Master Bronze Kit: Medium

Maybelline Facestudio Master Bronze Kit: Medium

Maybelline Facestudio Master Bronze Kit: Medium

Maybelline Facestudio Master Bronze Kit: Medium

GOSH Makeup Contour & Strobe Kit 002 Medium ($28.16 CAD)

As one of the pricer drug store face palette optoins, I held this particular palette to high standards. What I like about it, is that it’s not 4 shades of brown: instead you really get variety from the light gold highlight, peachy pink blush (subtle sheen), a cool matte contour and a deeper warm bronzer. The powders apply beautifully on the skin, are appropriately pigmented and last all day on me. The pan sizes are also really nice (they’re big enough to get your brush into each quadrant) whereas I find with other face palettes the shape of the powders are either too small or too awkward for me to get an even coating on my brush. Overall this is a great palette for those who have access to Gosh and it comes in two shades. This is¬†beauty swatched approved.¬†


GOSH Makeup Contour and Strobe Kit 002 Medium

GOSH Makeup Contour & Strobe Kit 002 Medium

Quo Face Palette: Warm Peach ($20 CAD) 

This palette really reminds me of the becca powders. Not just in presentation but in the actual product as well. The highlight has a slight pink iridescence to it, the bronzer has a sheen, which I usually stay away from, but in this case it’s done so beautifully that it actually gives the face a healthy glow. The two blushes are matte with one (top right) being a lighter cool pink and the other one (bottom left) is a deeper rose shade.

I love this palette but the colours tend to fade on my skin very fast and for that reason I cant beauty swatch approve this. If it just had a bit more lasting power and more shade variations this would be an amazing drug store option.

Quo Face Palette Warm Peach

Quo Face Palette Warm Peach

Overall, if I had to rank these palettes from favorite to least it would be the: GOSH Contour & Strobe Kit, Maybelline Master Bronze Kit and then QUO Face Palette. What are some of your favorites?

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