Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ($24 CAD)

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

This lip mask has been receiving so much hype lately! For a girl who struggles with extremely dry lips and is worried that overtime i’ll expedite the lines and reduce the natural plumpness in my lips from the chronic dryness, I took a leap of faith. I hoped that this lip mask would delivers long lasting and comfortable hydration. What I actually got was something in between: This has a nice texture to it that’s thick enough to constitute a mask but not too thick where your lips feel heavy. When it naturally wears off, it leaves my lips feeling plump, comfortable and hydrated however it wears off after 4 hours of wear (without eating). As a mask, I would have hoped this would last through the night but as a treatment, it works well.

Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep Lip Love ($18 CAD)

Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep Lip Love

Every morning before I get glam, I always put lip balm on my lips right after I brush my teeth and let it absorb until I’m done doing my hair so by the time I apply my lipstick, my lips are hydrated. Since this lip product is a part of the makeup prep line of Urban Decay, I thought it would be formulated specifically to get the ready for makeup application. While this has a nice minty smell to it (not plumping or tingling on the lips), it’s a semi clear and quite a thin formula that keeps my lips hydrated, absorbs well into my lips and does the job of prepping it for lipstick. This wears off after about 1 – 1.5 hours of wear but ultimately it does the same thing as my beloved jack black lip balm does, but wears off faster. For a lipstick prep, that works well but I dont know that I would pay $8 more for that – I could just rub off my jack black when i’m ready to apply lipstick and keep it for days that I dont feel like wearing a lipstick.

Jack Black Lip Balm ($10.50 CAD)

Jack Black Lip Balm

This has been my go to lip balm for many years now and I have repurchased more than I can remember. In fact, when I started buying this, it was $8 a pop and many years later it keeps creeping up in price. I dont know at what point i’ll search for a replacement but for now, this is my go-to that I keep in all my bags and at work. It seems to be the only lip balm that delivers long lasting hydration that penetrates the lips for a deeply refreshing effect. This lip balm lasts about 3hours on me, without me feeling like I need to reapply until the 4.5hour mark.


Rose Salve Lip Balm ($7.50 CAD)


This seems like a classic lip balm full of traditional and effective lip hydrating remedies. It also claims to be fit for use on any dry parts of your body including elbows, cuticles or even under the eyes. Sad to report that this is among my least favorite lip balms: the hydration disappears under half an hour of wearing this, the colour is a sheer red that only amplifies the natural redness in my lips and it feels more slippery than hydrating on my lips. This is a hard pass for me!

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  1. May 26, 2018 / 8:54 am

    I really love this mask ❤️ I don’t have dry or chapped lips so I can’t really put them to the test 😕

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