Tom Ford Lip Color: Sable Smoke and All Mine

Tom Ford lip colours are $70 CAD each so I had sworn that I would never be tempted to splurge on one, doesnt matter how beautiful the colour looks… that was of course, until I saw a Roxette Arisa YouTube tutorial using Sable Smoke. Needless to say after watching her video, I was done for. It’s funny, doesnt matter how mature I get or how much I think I cant get influenced to buy something from a youtuber, the odd video will always get to me if i’m in the right mood a dangerous makeup shopping spree ensues. Anyone else like that?



I do own a sample size of Tom Ford’s Indian Rose but I did not like the colour of it so I wrote the lipstick off quickly. When I saw the Glowy Spring Makeup tutorial from Roxette, I decided to give the Tom Ford lip colours a second chance. I did a lot of research to come up with the Sable Smoke (which she used) and All Mine. Both shades have a beautiful shine to them that’s not overdone but leaves the lips looking healthy and hydrated


Tom Ford Lip Color Sable Smoke

This is a medium terracotta shade that has some brown tones in it to make it a neutral lip. This shade applies opaque upon first swipe and has a gorgeous healthy shine to it. There’s nothing much to say beyond that, it’s just a classic terracotta nude that will suit a variety of skin tones, looking the most nude on deeper skins and progressively “punchier” the lighter the skin tone. It’s gorgeous!


Tom Ford Lip Color All Mine

Tom Ford Lip Color All Mine

I am obsessed with this shade, it reminds me of MAC’s limited edition lipstick in Feed the Senses than I used all up (scraping the bottom included!!). All Mine is a cool toned light to medium muted pinky purple shade. The swatch is true to colour, which I’m finding hard to describe lol, so I’ll let the swatch do all the talking. All Mine is semi-opaque upon first swipe but is easily buildable.

If I only had to buy one lipstick, I would buy All Mine because the shade is unique (trust me, I have long been on the hunt for years to replace my beloved MAC Feed the Senses and was never able to) and perfect for a nude that’s not your typical brown or beige. All Mine is a cool tone lip done right, in my opinion, with just the right hint of lilac to tone down any redness you may have in your lips and enough pink for a neutral pick me up.

Tom Ford Lip Color

Left: All Mine, Right: Sable Smoke

Tom Ford lip

Left: All Mine, Right: Sable Smoke

Tom Ford Lip

Left: All Mine, Right: Sable Smoke

I have fallen in love with Tom Ford lipsticks and would be fine if these were the only ones I had left in my collection. I’ll come back to these when they run out but wont be quick to add to my collection with hefty price tag. Also, I’ll wait for the few times a year that either Sephora has their VIB sale or if Ebates is on a crazy cash back deal to repurchase either shade.


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