Tom Ford Private Shadow

Tom Ford Private Shadows ($44 CAD) are limited edition single eyeshadows from Tom Ford. These eyeshadows are the height of luxury. Everything from the packaging to the formula is luxe with a price tag to prove it.

Each eyeshadow comes in a tiny component with a golden clasp closure at the front

I bought two shades in 04 Starlet Ultrasuede and 01 Body Double Vinyl

04 Starlet is a matte medium neutral brown

01 Body Double Vinyl is a shimmery pinky-beige shade

Both formulas blend out incredibly well, are super pigmented, last all day and have a velvet touch to them. Basically everything you would think a $44 CAD eyeshadow would be, this is. However, there are so many comparable and cheaper dupes in the market that unless you’re completely in love with a colour, I’d say pass on these.

Overall, this is a beautiful formula, shade and packaging for an eyeshadow. Everything you would hope a $44 CAD eyeshadow would be, it is. With that said, there are so many comparable shade and formula dupes in the market for a fraction of the price. So, if you’re in love with a shade that you dont have this could be worth exploring. However, if you’re not inspired or already have similar shades, save your money!

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