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Tom Ford Makeup
Tom Ford has some incredible makeup in his line and is the reason I love Charlotte Tilbury makeup so much (Charlotte Tilbury was the genius behind Tom Ford makeup for a long time). Throughout the years, I have amassed quite the collection and have mixed reviews on the line overall. Here are some of my thoughts!

Beauty Swatched Approved:

Traceless Perfecting Foundation ($102 CAD)


This is where I would recommend spending your money on in the makeup line. This gives me a beautiful medium coverage, natural finish. I love the coverage of this foundation because after I’m done applying concealer, powder, blush, highlighter etc I still manage to get an overall natural makeup look thats never over-done. The consistency is quite thick but blends out wonderfully on the skin, traceless was the perfect name for this. This lasts all day on me and I will definitely repurchase once I run out.

Cream Colour for Eyes ($56 CAD)


I love this product – it’s super pigmented so you dot a very small amount onto a brush or directly on your eye and it’s the type of shadow that when blended out (especially into the crease) it pulls a different colour so you basically get a ‘two in one’ effect. It’s a one swipe forget about it colour and will last me my entire life.

Cream Foundation Brush ($86 CAD)

I didn’t think I would use this much for foundation because of its size quite smaller than what I’m used to), it’s a white haired brush in a paddle shape (I usually use buffing brushes or the beauty blender) so I was bit nervous purchasing it. However, I took the plunge and used this with my cream Charlotte Tilbury foundation and LOVED IT! It didn’t streak at all, buffed product in beautifully and did not absorb much of my foundation. Before using it for foundation, I would apply my cream highlight and powder contours with this given the size and shape of the brush. All in all this is a win for me, I love this brush

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush ($134 CAD)

This brush does not shed on me, has the softest bristles I own and the weight and length of the handle is perfect. This brush is quite large so if you prefer more detailed work or have a smaller face, this could be a challenge to work with. I do like applying this onto my cheeks with the brush flat so I get a more precise application, and then I use it on its wider tip for my forehead to get an all over bronze. Although investing in tools is more important than makeup (I believe) because it can change the looks you get, this definitely is not necessary as you can get same looks with different brushes. I don’t use this regularly and sometimes it gets forgotten about in my drawer, so don’t feel bad sleeping on it

Cheek Brush ($94 CAD)

Like all Tom Ford brushes, the softness, quality and weight of the handle and durability is unparalleled to any other brush I own. The cheek brush is really dense so careful for those who have a heavy hand. I’d say this is basically like the bronzer brush, but smaller and slightly more dense. If you pick up too much blush or bronzer on this brush it will apply it extremely densely. Instead, I use this to buff out existing product and it diffuses all my cheek products (contour, bronzer, blush and powder) nicely.

Illuminating Primer ($87 CAD)


I’ve never run through a primer faster than I’ve run through this and it’s because it leaves the face with a blurred and illuminated effect that sometimes I wear without foundation because the effect is so beautiful. The product is a light cream consistency that blends in transparent onto the skin, leaving behind the illuminated effect. It has no shimmer or sparkle in it and I love pairing this with the traceless foundation for some of my best skin days.

Translucent Finishing Powder: Ivory Fawn and Sable ($92 CAD each)


These are nice face powders that I use to reverse contour and bronze my face with. The formula feels quite stiff in the pan it stills maintains a level of pigment that deposits evenly on the skin and blends out flawlessly.

Not Beauty Swatched Approved:

Eye Color Quad ($102 CAD each) in Cocoa Mirage and Orchid Haze


During the Sephora VIB sale, these were a best seller and a lot of shades were sold out. So here’s my opinion: these are nice eye shadows but are they $25/eye shadow nice? um NO. I love them, dont get me wrong but $102 CAD can buy you so much more than an eyeshadow quad so its a pass for me. See my full review linked here

Lip Colour ($70 CAD, for the full size) in Indian Rose


I dont really get the craze behind Tom Ford lip colours, which makes me think I’m missing something. It’s just a normal lipstick to me that adds nothing unique that a drugstore lipstick cannot fulfill so for me, it’s definitely not worth the $70 CAD

Radiant Moisture Souffle ($113 CAD)


This moisturizer adds a layer of radiance to the skin that gives an overall dewy healthy glow. However the texture is quite thick and it does not feel very moisturizing on the skin so I would wear this as a primer.

Concealing Pen ($64 CAD)


The concealers are nothing to write home about. I can get a light coverage out of these that build up to medium at best. It blends in well with my skin, does not crease too much and has a decent amount of hydration. However, I need my concealers to cover my under eye discolouration, which this one does not do. It’s just nothing special, I dont look much different after applying this and the colour variety needs a lot of work so for me,


  1. June 28, 2018 / 5:03 pm

    Wow- I could never bring myself to buy Tom Ford makeup. 😀 There’s a point where it’s so expensive- I could never pay 85 USD for only an eye quad, you know? The primer/ moisturizer looks cool though. I like those thick, mousse-y creams.
    Now that you mention Charlotte Tilbury, this is making sense why the packaging between the two brands looks similar to me!

    • beauty.swatched
      July 2, 2018 / 9:17 pm

      Totally! I definitely regret riding so hard for the eyeshadow quads and buying (gulp) TWO of them!! I literally dont even reach for them in my collection. hahaha yeah! Some of Charlottes products (like her eyeshadows!) remind me of Tom Ford’s

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