Welcome (back) to the new and improved Beauty Swatched Blog!

For those who follow my blog, you may notice that the page has recently undergone significant changes. First, I’d like to thank you as I feel extremely fortunate that you continue to enjoy my content over the past year. To those who are new, welcome to my blog! This is a destination for beauty swatches, reviews, tips & tricks all around make-up! Please sign up for email notifications if you want to get notified when I post content.

All credit to my blog face lift must go to Laura Walker from Blogerize.com. Over the past month, we have worked closely to update the aesthetics of my blog so it matches the vision I had for it in my mind and is easier to navigate the archives for readers. I more than recommend checking her out Рit was an incredible experience! Blogerzine.com is also a great resource that answers a lot of questions for bloggers and contains great tips/tricks and information.

I will start to get on a posting schedule, updating new content every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I hope you enjoy the blog and please don’t hesitate to interact with me via comments section – I love talk to and hearing from you!

Happy Holidays beauties xo


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