Wet n Wild photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

The Wet n Wild eyeshadow primer ($4.98 USD) is clear silicone based eyeshadow primer. Although this applies as a light nude colour, it blends out to a transparent finish. This doesn’t feel heavy on the eyes and the formula is thin and soft to the touch. For me, I need to apply a light dusting of translucent powder so that. Y eye shadows don’t cling on to any tacky parts of the primer. I think this primer would work best for people with really oily eyelids. For me (normal eyelids), it can be too drying and cause a but of caking if any foundation or shadow is applied on top, towards the outer corner of my eyes.

This primer keeps my eyeshadows looking fresh, with no creasing or fading for 8 hours, with a bit of fading (but no creasing) for 10. Its an incredible primer for the price that normal skin beauty’s (who use a VERY) light amount and oily skin beauty’s will love. This hidden drugstore jam is beauty swatched approved! 

Top: Primer, middle: semi-blended out, bottom: fully blended out.


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