Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Line

Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Line includes everything you need for a hydrated base, from lip balms, eye creams and moisturizers to setting sprays and cc creams. They have recently expanded their line and I have two base products here to review: the Instant Moisture Glow and Eye Perfecting Fluid.

Instant Moisture Glow ($69 CAD)

This is marketed as a lightweight moisturizer that blurs imperfections and primes the skin for makeup application. As a girl with dry to normal skin, this by itself does not deeply hydrate my skin enough for what it needs. However, when worn as a primer over my skincare, this adds a nice amount of moisture to my skin that allows my foundation to glide on a lot smoother and makes my face feel more plump instantly and even throughout the day.

The consistency of this is a lightweight gel that immediately absorbs into my face and does not leave behind any residue. While this doesn’t give me a glow, it gives me a refreshing dose of hydration that I love to apply as a base under foundation. All in all, it’s a nice hydrating primer, but I think the price is quite steep for what it is.

Eye Perfecting Fluid ($37 CAD)

The eye perfecting fluid is meant to prep the under eye area for makeup by adding hydration to refresh the skin. The ingredients and formula make this a good all around eye cream but the fact that it’s specifically marketed to be worn under concealer was an added benefit that attracted me to it. Although the price feels steep for this eye cream, you get a lot of product, 15ml, making this last a very long time.

The consistency of the eye protecting fluid is unlike anything else i’ve tried. It is a light, liquidy gel that is extremely runny and thin. When pounced on the under eye area it really clings onto the skin and starts to absorb for skin that feels hydrated, plump but never heavy or sticky.

Overall these are incredibly nice products to add hydration (as a topper with the moisturizer and on bare skin with the eye cream) and prep the skin for makeup. I’m a fan! Are you temped to try anything out from the Top Secret Line?

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