Maybelline Brow Precise Perfecting Highlighter: 300 Light

In my dresser, I have a makeup drawer that I pull out to get ready every morning. In my brows section, I have my brow pencil, a brow gel and a matte ivory eyeshadow to clean up under my brows and highlight. When I came across the Maybelline Brow Perfecting Highlighter ($9.96 CAD) at the drugstore, it immediately caught my attention because it serves the exact purpose of my matte eye shadows! I thought I was the only one that keeps a matte colour to highlight my brow bone (as many use concealer, which I find it looks a bit heavy and almost too perfect on me or a shimmery shade or nothing at all).

I believe this product comes in one shade, 300 Light. The texture is nice because its stiff enough to last the whole day but creamy enough to blend underneath my brow. The colour is opaque enough to leave a clear highlight but again, blends well enough into the skin to not stand out too much. Also, I love the shape of this product as fits perfectly under my brow to create a sharp and precise highlight.

Although this gives me the same effect as my matte eyeshadows do, the fact that Maybelline sought out a unique product that serves a real consumer need and actually works, its Beauty swatched approved!


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