Guerlain Terracotta Sun Trio Bronzing Contour Palette: Clair – Light

The Guerlain Terracotta Sun Trio Bronzing Contour Palette ($63 CAD) consists of three shades: a light banana yellow powder, a light terracotta shade and a deeper neutral brown shade. All shades glide beautifully on the skin and last a full 8 hours on me.

Although the powders are not extremely pigmented (I don’t think Guerlain designed these powders to be), they are easily built up and show up on my NC35 skin tone upon one application very nicely. I actually prefer the look where I only go into the powder once to bronze up/ contour and highlight my face because I achieve more subtle definition of my features as opposed to a more obvious contoured/bronzed look (which is also really nice but for an everyday office look I feel more comfortable with the former). My only issue with the palette is the yellow banana shade, which doesn’t appear as bright on my skin as I’d like it to be.

The contour is not what I typically go for (a cool brown shade) as this one is a bit warmer (i.e. more terracotta or ‘orange’). Despite the shade, it works really well as a contour for me, emphasizing my bone structure. The deepest neutral brown shade works excellently as an overall bronzer.

I love this palette for delivering subtle shade and shape to my face. This is beauty swatched approved.



7 thoughts on “Guerlain Terracotta Sun Trio Bronzing Contour Palette: Clair – Light

  1. Great review. Does the light give a good amount of colour to the skin? I was thinking of buying natural but i’m not sure if this would be too dark.
    Thing is, if bronzers are too light, you end up using them up quicker because you constantly dip the brush in to build the colour and the darker shades you obviously use much less but it can end up looking quite unnatural. I have been debating about both the light and natural for a while now.
    I own the 4 seasons bronzer by Guerlain in 01 Blondes and although i have nc20 skin, i think it can be a bit light for me. Your opinion would be great thanks xx

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    1. You’re totally right! Building up light bronzer shades not only runs through the product a lot faster but it also doesn’t look or sit right on the skin. I was actually surprised because I am an NC35 and natural was too dark for me when I swatched it in store. Fair Light is just perfect if you’re looking for natural definition. If you prefer your sculpting products to be more apparent and dramatic, you could try natural but I recommend Light for an NC20. If you have a Sephora around you, purchase it from there so you have the option to exchange it if it doesn’t work. I hope you let me know how it ends up working!


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