Physicians Formula Butter Blush: Plum Rose

Despite the poor reviews on the Physicians Formula Butter Blush in Plum Rose ($14.97 CAD), I had to give it a try because the colour is exactly what I usually go for (a nude/natural mauve) and the extremely soft finish (which many took issues with).

The colour does not disappoint: it’s a true to pan, light mauve (that errs more pink than purple) with a slight sheen. The colour swatches more pigmented than it applies on the cheek with a brush. On the cheeks, you need to bold it up with a few layers and it delivers a light shade of colour at best. I don’t mind this because I like subtle and soft blushers but for those who prefer more pigmented colours, this won’t be for you.

 I think this blush diffuses out so much because of how soft the formula is. It’s almost like light layers of pigment are loosely packed into the pan so you really need to build the product up to get a light wash of colour. 
Heavy pigment is not always what products are meant to be. I prefer lighter dustings of blush and this leaves a nice sheen on my cheekbones. Despite the high drugstore price, I enjoy the end subtle result. This is beauty swatched approved but may not be all blush lover’s cup of tea. 



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