Annabelle Eyeshadows: Ivory, Gleam, Matte Sand and Taupe

Annabelle is a drug store brand that never peaked my interest even though those who have tried the brand have positive opinions. One night, after causally browsing through the aisles at WalMart, a few of the single eye shadow shades caught my eye and I thought to give it a try. For the longest time, I have been on the hunt for a sand/neutral shimmer or sheen finish eye shadow from the drugstore that I can rock every day without looking too made up for an office environment. You would be surprised how hard this actually is to find! All of the neutral based shadows I could find were either pink, too glittery, matte or a part of a bigger palette full of colours I would never use. This was of course, until I stumbled across Gleam from Anastasia….

Gleam really is the star of the show for me. It’s a light sandy/gold that’s about 1-2 shades lighter than my skin (so it doesnt create a stark contrast). It does have a slight pink reflex to it, but if you layer it on top of a pink base, it would stand out much more than it does alone. When worn alone (which is my preferred method), I get a nice sandy gold/beige colour that I pair with any crease colour (maroon, brown, mauve) for a perfect everyday eye. My only issue with Gleam is that its a bit dry. I find it applies best with the finger. I just need to scrape off a bit of the hard film on top of the shadow that accumulates when the oils of my fingers builds up, but it’s worth it for the colour.


Each eye shadow retails for $5 and can be found in Canada at Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart or on or for international shoppers.

Ivory: matte cream colour
Gleam: medium sand colour with small gold flecks.
Matte Sand: neutral medium matte brown
Taupe: medium matte mauve (say that 3 times fast! lol)

Matte Sand
Matte Sand



L to R: Ivory, Gleam, Matte Sand, Taupe (Artificial Sunlight)


L to R: Ivory, Gleam, Matte Sand, Taupe (Natural Sunlight)


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