KIKO Dark Circle Concealer: 02 Peach

Earlier, I had reviewed the Kiko Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer (6.20 GBP) in 04 Cream, which was a warm, yellow based cream colour that functioned more as a concealer than it did a corrector. Today, i’m reviewing the same product but in a different shade, 02 Peach, which functions more traditionally as a colour corrector.

Peach is opposite to blue on the colour wheel and therefore corrects discoloration or ‘bags’ under your eyes. The packing of this corrector is much like the MAC Studio Fix concealers with a pump, except this comes in a plastic bottle.

The consistency of this is a medium opacity (it’s definitely not runny but it’s not as thick as some harder form creams that come in a pan or a pot). It gives me medium to full coverage and blends in well under makeup. The product needs to be applied in a thin layer under the eyes so I dont end up looking cakey or too peach.

I do enjoy this colour corrector and it wears very similar to higher end alternatives. This is beauty swatched approved!

Natural Daylight

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