Givenchy Mister Radiant

Givenchy Mister Radiant ($49 CAD) is a primer with small bronze and yellow flex (or ‘microspheres’ as Givenchy puts it). This is one of the most interesting makeup products I own. The base of this primer is a clear gel that adds a refreshing hydration to the skin and dries a bit tacky allowing the products (foundation, concealer, powder etc) to adhere on top of it and last longer. The bronze and yellow microspheres add an interesting twist to this primer.

The brown spheres (which I have spread out in an image below) adds a healthy colour to the skin that sheers out and blends beautifully onto the face making this a universal colour for fair to medium skin tones. Unfortunately for deep skin tones this might not be visible or might even come across ashy. Don’t be nervous that the colour will be too much because it really diffuses and blends out into the skin to become one with it.

The yellow microspheres were harder for me to take a picture of because once broken into the skin by blending out the microsphere it blended right into my skin and was hard to notice. In real life, it does add a nice radiance and brightness to the skin.

All in all, for those who feel like primers are a ‘gimmick’ that don’t do anything, give this one a try. It prolongs the wear of my makeup (to 8 hours without blotting) but keeps me radiant all day. I personally love this product and often use it alone without foundation for a nice radiant look. This is beauty swatched approved

UPDATE: note that the name has changed to Mister Radiant Bronzer. Although it has ‘bronzer’ in the title, the formula is the exact same and can be used as a primer. I dont think the bronze particles in the primer are enough to noticeably alter the shade of your skintone but it does leave a a healthy radiant effect behind.

Givenchy Mister Radiant

Givenchy Mister Radiant Swatch

Givenchy Mister Radiant Swatch

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