Sephora PRO Dimensional Highlighting Palette: Cool

Ever find yourself scrolling right past this product on the sales section of the sephora website? Well i’m here to put it right back in front of your face to reiterate why you keep scrolling past it!

The Sephora Collection PRO Dimensional Highlighting Palette (on sale for $36 CAD) is a collection of 3 cream highlighters and two high-shine glaze top coats that are meant to flatter every type of skin tone.

To me, this palette was a bunch of Vaseline. Perhaps Nova (the pink shade) deposited a bit of colour but the remaining four shades all looked exactly like each other. The consistency was stiff yet slippery. What I like about this is that its a highlighting palette with no sparkles, or shimmer – this is the true definition of a dewy glow. What I dont like about this is the colour selection, greasy feeling and the fact that these dont really ever set or dry down.

I’m all for a sparkle free glow but these felt too greasy, didnt set on me and the colours looked exactly the same. Save you money, this is not beauty swatched approved


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