Bite Beauty Lipsticks: Pink (Musk, Shiraz, Pepper and Fig)

I have a special place in my heart for Bite Beauty because it is a Canadian owned makeup brand. Beyond that, the brand genuinely puts out great lips products that are all beauty swatched approved because they’re creamy, moisturizing, comfortable and flattering on the lips. Here are a few of my favorite pinks…

Bite Beauty Pinks: musk, shiraz, pepper, fig

bite beauty swatch musk, shiraz, pepper, fig
top left (musk), top right: (shiraz), bottom left (pepper), bottom right (fig)
bite beauty swatch
left to right: musk, shiraz, pepper, fig


4 thoughts on “Bite Beauty Lipsticks: Pink (Musk, Shiraz, Pepper and Fig)

    1. That’s an amazing catch – you’re absolutely right! Now looking at both, I cant even tell them apart. They look so incredibly similar on the lips… if I had to be super critical than I would say that Pepper is slightly more terracotta in real life and Shiraz is deeper with slight mauve undertones. I’m in awe of the similarities

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    1. To be honest, these don’t really last any longer than a normal creamy lipstick would. I can get about 3 hours of wear before it starts to fade and definitely have to reapply after a meal. The darker colours last longer (maybe by an hour or so)


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