By Terry Makeup Roundup

The brand By Terry has a reputation that long precedes it. Unlike most brands these days that rely on social media hype to generate awareness, theres an unspoken reputation supporting By Terry that has intrigued me to test out the quality for myself to see what the hype is about. This brand is definitely luxury so I was very selective with the products I chose to sample and hope you enjoy my honest thoughts and swatches!

BY Terry Sheer Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation (49 GBP) No. 5 Peach Beige

This foundation fell short for me. The claims (reducing the appearance of fine lines, signs of aging and blur wrinkles) fell short for me. This is a nice foundation with medium natural matte coverage but it doesn’t do anything my more inexpensive foundations cant do. The colour is weird – it holds true to the name (peachy beige) but doesn’t blend in with my olive skin tones. This is not beauty swatched approved

BY Terry Sheer Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation
BY Terry Sheer Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation
BY Terry Sheer Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation in Peach Beige
BY Terry Sheer Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation in Peach Beige


By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder (46 GBP)

As a best seller on the byterry website and a low key indulgence by many I was curious to see what this powder was all about. For me, this powder almost looks ‘too perfect’ on my skin and I don’t really see me wearing this for anything except special occasions. It does blur the look of pores, brighten up my skin and set my concealer but it also creates a layer of saran wrap almost on my face and makes me look ‘too perfect’. Does that make sense?

The best thing I love about this powder is how hydrating it is, so shout out to all my dry skin beauties out there! When applied to the skin, this literally feels like you were putting on moisturizer, which I realize sounds crazy. It lasts all day and I can see this working for most but because it’s not my cup of tea for daily use I dont beauty swatch approve it.



By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder
By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder


Sunset Designer Palette (60 GBP): 2 Light and Tan Vibes 

I am not ashamed to admit that I bought a backup of this 60 GBP product because I am that obsessed with it! The right side is what I use daily because the colours are so soft but effective in creating shape, colour and dimension to the skin. The three colours on the left are bit too bright  to wear on the cheeks (for my preference) so I use them as eye shadow instead and love it. This is definitely beauty swatched approved!


Sunset Designer Palette
Sunset Designer Palette

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