Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes: Black Vinyl

Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favorite makeup brands so you could imagine my delight with my last online order when I received a ‘Golden Hollywood Ticket’ with my order. This ticket was marketed to ship out a ‘prize’ with a minimum $100 CAD purchase. Given the high minimum order quantity and how hyped up this campaign was on the website, I figured it would be something special like a free makeover or deluxe size sample so you could imagine my disappointment when instead I received a mini mascara sample (i’ve laid it beside a normal size mascara (L’Oreal Lash Paradise) for reference). Hopefully this helps anyone contemplating the value of redeeming their ticket. It’s annoying how over hyped beauty brands are becoming for what they deliver but putting my feelings aside, here are my thoughts on the mascara:

The bristles are ‘bushy’, ‘regular sized’ to normal mascaras. The formula is the blackest mascara that I own, it’s blacker than black! This creates depth with my eyes and added drama leaving no need for falsies. The effect that this gives you can get quite heavy and clumpy if you don’t wipe off the formula on a tissue before applying it. It’s not waterproof but it does hold a curl fairly well.

Overall, a nice mascara but for the added TLC needed to ensure it doesn’t clump, i have better clump free and voluminizing mascaras. This is nice but not beauty swatched for me.

Legendary Lashes
Legendary Lashes

Legendary Lashes
Loreal Lash Paradise (top) and Charlotte Tilbury (bottom) Legendary Lashes

9 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes: Black Vinyl

  1. Thanks for the advice! 💜 I am just now hearing & learning about her line, I saw her mascara & wanted to try it but I think I will stick to my Marc Jacobs lol 💋

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