Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Pen : Yellow

I’ve said it before with the Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Pen ($10.96 CAD) in Apricot that I will no longer fork out the dollars for high end correctors as I’ve found a home with Maybelline. The pigment on these pens are incredible: the product is so rich with colour that as you spread it out on your face you dont loose any of the colour so it maintains its opacity over the area you are correcting while blending well under foundation.

Well, I’m happy to report that the same story holds true for my pen in Yellow in terms of brightening my under eyes. Instead of bringing my concealer down into a ‘V’ under my eyes, I use the yellow pen almost as the end of the ‘V’ shape (near each side of my nose and I bring it up to my cheek bones) under my foundation so it brightens and lifts that area and allows me to apply concealer strictly to my under eye bags. I find the best way to apply this, since it is so densly pigmented, is to twist the product up to the felt applicator and then take my brush and pick up the product from the applicator and apply it to the face. This helps disperse the product more evenly and provides a more flawless blend.

Not much more to say here except I love it and this has replaced my more expensive holly grail, the Mally Under Eye Prep. Enjoy the swatches!


Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Pen
Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Pen
Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Pen
Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Pen


9 thoughts on “Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Pen : Yellow

  1. I love these sponge applicators! I’m late on the bandwagon but I just got into using the Instant Anti-Age Rewind Eraser Eye Concealer (lol looking at the packaging for reference…XD) and I love it! With that, I apply it with the applicator first and then blend with a brush. So I almost feel that this would be quite similar.

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    1. Totally is! I just bought a Tom Ford concealer with the exact same packaging and applicator as the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind – brands are taking notice! Ps – how do you like the Maybelline concealer?


      1. Oo Tom Ford. I’m guessing it was really expensive? I don’t even have TF available where I live but it’s okay, my bank can remain happy.
        I really like the Maybelline concealer. I find it really easy to blend. Maybe because of the sponge application, the layer can remain thin so it’s very breathable on the skin and not bunched up heavy. I can have a hard time with concealers as it’ll end up emphasising texture I never knew I even had! And crease. But this one doesn’t so I’m happy and would repurchase. 🙂

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      2. SO expensive! I have a review coming up but it really doesnt perform any different than my other concealers so your bank and under eyes can rest happy 🙂 lol

        That sounds amazing! I bought the wrong colour of the Maybelline concealer but sounds like I need to go back and pick up the right shade. Thanks so much for your thoughts x

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