BECCA Apres Ski Glow Collection: Eye Lights Palette

The BECCA Apres Ski Glow Collection Eye Lights Palette ($54 CAD, $35 CAD on sale at Sephora) contains 5 permanent BECCA highlighters and 2 new eyeshadow shades, all with a shimmer to sheen finish. What can be confusing is that despite the fact that most of the palette contains existing BECCA highlighters (with the same formula), it is marketed as and the size of the pans are small enough to be an eyeshadow palette.

I feel like this is BECCAs attempt to prolong the legacy of their highlighters, which is super unnecessary because their highlighters are so amazing that they will stand the test of time. Also, BECCA highlighters have been a cult favorite for a long time so chances are people already own their favorite BECCA highlighter shade and don’t need to purchase an entirely new palette with redundant shades and a few new eyeshadows to put on their eyes.

I know I’m being harsh but when I feel like brands are overkilling trends (*cough* too faced unicorn rainbow ponies *cough*) or sacrificing quality launches over quantity (i.e. this BECCA palette), it strikes a nerve. Makeup is not cheap and it really adds up. In the moment, we all succumb to our impulses so brands that we bestow our trust into should ensure that they’re delivering quality products that live up to the hype and offer something unique. But of course, I digress and you’d be surprised to hear my final verdict.

The packaging is excessive at best. The shades come in a large disk with a lot of wasted space around it taking up so much more room than 7 eyeshadows should. The mirror on this palette on the other hand is really good. I normally dont apply makeup with the mirrors that come in my palettes but I often find myself doing so when I use this because it’s really good.

The shades in this palette (top right) are moonstone (yellow based shimmer), Opal (a light soft brown-gold shimmer), topaz (light gold shimmer), Toasted Marshmellow (light brown with a soft sheen), Hot Cocoa (reddend bronze shade with soft shimmer) and Pearl, in the middle (a white shimmer). The two ‘non highlighter’ shades are: Toasted Marshmellow (the shade on the bottom left) and Hot Coca right above it, which are the most sheer shades of the bunch.

I’ll say that the shades do not swatch as good as they apply onto the eye. I took a few finger swatches to really demonstrate the pigment, which is more similar to what you can get on the eye from most shades vs. the swatches below, which look really sheet. Toasted Marshmellow and Hot Cocoa were the shades I needed some Fix+ spray to help give the pigment a boost otherwise I felt like Toasted Marshmellow especially would just blend away into nothing.

Swatches of BECCA Apris Ski Eye Lights Palette

A few swatches (bottom to top): opal, moonstone, rose quartz and pearl

BECCA Apres Ski Glow Collection: Eye Lights Paeltte Swatch

Left to Right: Pearl, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Opal, Toasted Marshmellow and Hot Coca

In the end I have some conflicting opinions. On one hand I feel like this palette launch was an afterthought, the packaging is bulky at best and the two new eyeshadows were lackluster and need more help to show up on the skin. On the other, the mirror is really nice, I enjoy the shades and the highlighter formula. This is a nice shimmer palette to pair with your matte palettes to bring an everyday glow to your eyes. This is what I’ve been waiting for, but I wish BECCA answered it with newer shades, better formulas and sleeker packaging.

Have I completely confused you? I’m really on the fence with this but I do love the shades and get compliments every time I apply them to my eyes. With the sale currently on at Sehpora I’d say it’s worth looking into and I’ll continue to use it. So for me, it’s beauty swatched approved.

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