KKW Beauty Blush in Destiny and Luxe

KKW Blush in Destiny and Luxe are $18 USD each from Kim Kardashian’s makeup line.

Each blush is housed in the KKW Beauty aesthetic of nude + acrylic packaging. I enjoy this look for every product except their lipstick where it starts to look a bit cheap. Perhaps KKW received feedback from the initial launch of these components that held the first release of the brightening powders that were IMPOSSIBLE to open. These blushes are much easier to open, starting off on a good foot! The mirror is a nice size and quality for anyone who does makeup on the go.

KKW Beauty Blush in Destiny and Luxe
KKW Beauty Blush in Destiny and Luxe
KKW Beauty Blush in Destiny and Luxe

Destiny is a medium coral shade and Luxe is a soft, light neutral pink. Each powder is densely packed, creating a more sheer to easily buildable application that I prefer. Despite this, the powder is extremely soft and smooth and blends out flawlessly.

Destiny (left) and Luxe (right)


Luxe is a deeper coral shade than what i’m used to wearing but it works because the formula is so forgiving. It applies sheer and can be built up easily for your desired intensity.

Destiny is a matte blush but it’s not flat at all. You can see in the swatch it has a light sheen to it that makes this look so natural on the cheeks.


Destiny is a neutral soft pink blush that looks just as beautiful in the pan as it does on the cheek! This colour is so neutral that it goes with any look I wear. As a result, while I prefer peach over pink blushes, this shade is neutral enough for me to reach for daily

Similar to Luxe, Destiny has a slight sheen to it giving the blush a lift and adding light on my cheeks.

Luxe (left) and Destiny (right)
Luxe (left) and Destiny (right)

Overall, I love the KKW Beauty blushes. The formulas allow for a beautiful application and the colours are extremely flattering. I’m happy the KKW Beauty team has fixed the component to make it easier to open. KKW Beauty for the win!

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