Kylie Cosmetics Literally Gloss

Kylie Cosmetics Literally Gloss ($15 USD)

Literally lip gloss comes in a typical lip gloss tube that is long and transparent tube with an unexpected brush style applicator. The formula is quite thick and almost goopy, but it blends out well with the finger and feels comfortable on the lips. Because the consistency is so dense, it stays on my lips for a long time and applies opaque upon the first application.

The scent of this lip gloss smells GROSS to me – it’s a strong sweet licorice, candy type of smell that comes down to personal preference and I personally do not like at all and feels like it cheapens the gloss by smelling like kid makeup.

While the brush is a nice, slightly unexpected, touch – I wish the applicator was a dome foot because the formula is so dense, the brush can apply colour streaky. I always have to go back in with my fingers to smooth out the colour.

Notice how thick the formula is

The colour is a medium tone brown shade with slight terracotta undertones to it. This is the perfect nude for medium to deep skin tones with lips that have a similar natural pigment. The finish is quite glossy and reflective and this feels comfortable on the lips

Overall, Literally is a great lip gloss. I love everything about it except the scent and wish Kylie expanded her nude range. It’s a formula I genuinely enjoy

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