Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealer: Maple and Oak

Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealer ($26.15 CAD or $20 USD)

The Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealers are claimed to be a light weight formula with medium buildable coverage for a skin like finish. The line comes in 30 shades, separated by fair, light, medium, tan, deep and deep dark categories.


I bought two shades in Kylie’s medium category: Maple and Oak. Maple is the lightest shade in the medium range and Oak is two shades deeper.

Maple (left) Oak (right)

Maple is a slightly warm neutral shade with hints of yellow. Oak is a warm peach shade. While I have a very olive complexion, I enjoy using more peachy shades to cancel out the dark veins under my eyes and then go in with a brighter, yellow concealer to lift my under eye area.



Maple (left), Oak (right)

When compared to the KKW concealer in shade 5, the Kylie concealers lean a lot more peach and KKW is more yellow.


Each concealer is housed in a clear component with a flat paddle applicator that hugs onto product on each side. The applicator identical to the ColourPop No Filter concealers and the KKW concealers. Each side of the flat dome foot holds onto enough product for one eye application, which is great so you don’t have to keep re-dipping.


The formula is creamy, full coverage (fuller coverage than KKW, which still has good opacity but Kylie’s is just a touch thicker) and blends out seamlessly on the face. I applied a heavy amount of product and then went in with my baking powder and noticed that it dried out the natural finish of the concealer and drew attention to my pores. So, I learnt my lesson and the next time I went in, I used slightly less product to conceal and bake and it worked. The effect was beautiful, long lasting and smooth.

Probably my favorite thing about the Kylie Cosmetic Skin Concealers is that they do not oxidize or dry down a deeper shade than how it initially applies or appears in the tube. It’s rare to find a high coverage liquid concealer that can maintain it’s shade so I really appreciate the Kylie ones for that.


I have really dark circles under my eyes and have to colour correct on a daily basis. If I don’t and use a lighter concealer, my under eye bags are amplified and look grey through my concealer. If I go in with a shade similar to my dark circles, overtime it darkens on my face giving me the look of a darker under eyes!

Even the thickest consistency of concealers I own, like the Tarte Shape Tape concealer doesn’t completely cancel out my darkness. The NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer is the only product that I can layer up to cover my dark circles the best out of all the options I have.

Ok! So now that you know the gruesome truth of my eye bags, how does the Kylie Concealer measure up? Quite well actually. While I prefer the coverage and finish of my NARS under eye concealer the Kylie one is a close second to me because when used right, the coverage is full, the consistency is emollient and it lasts all day.


Overall, the Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealers are beautiful formulas that err closer to the Tarte Shape Tape spectrum of being full coverage and blendable but is a touch lighter coverage and creamier than Tarte. I enjoy the formula, application, appearance and wear time. This is beauty swatched approved!

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