La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation Linen

As long as I have seen celebrity makeup, I remember La Mer being used in some way. Whether it was skincare or foundation – celebrity and makeup artists rave about this very pricey brand. So with that, I have been eyeing the La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation ($150 CAD).

Now there are two reasons why I think I could be going crazy. The first is, I remember when this foundation used to be a modest (lol) $100. Have they really increased the price by $50 CAD?? Secondly, the shade Linen is no longer sold, which I thought was my perfect shade.

I went into a Sephora in New York City and found the La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation in Linen and grabbed it right away. Linen is described as a light, yellow base foundation.

The component comes in a heavy, thick frosted glass bottle with a pump. The foundation smells every part luxurious and has a medium thickness to it.

La Mer foundation

The shade Linen, although appears more yellow in the bottle, turns peach on my skin. After wearing this throughout the day, I was disappointed to see the foundation look so much pinkier than it did in the bottle.

In terms of finish, when first applied I get a beautiful medium coverage with a natural effect that’s not overly matte or dewy. It truly looks like second skin. However! this foundation does not last on my skin at all. I have normal skin and noticed that this started to break up on me at the 6 hour mark.

La Mer foundation linen swatch

While this is a beautiful foundation, I wont be going back to the store to find my shade because it just doesnt last on my skin. If i’m going to pay $150 for a foundation, it better give me a new face and while this doesnt meet the exceedingly high standards I set for it, i’m happy to have not found a holy grail in such an expensive foundation. On to the next!


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