Marc Jacobs Coconut Collection Review

Tan-tastic O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan ($59 CAD)

marc jacobs tantastic bronzer


I cant remember the last time a makeup product was this hot. Maybe Marc Jacobs undersupplied Sephora with these bronzer so they sell out super quickly but the hype around it from my friends and Youtubers made me fall right into it. I tried the bronzer, and it’s a fine powder that leans slightly rosy (vs. I hear last year’s launch was more neutral) but nothing that’s distracting or abnormal. This is a nice bronzer but I would not donate an organ or sell my first born for it. I don’t reach for it often, I have other bronzers I much prefer (like the new Summer 2018 Claris Bronzer) a lot better on the skin and probably wont ever go through this. I hear the bronzer is coming back as a permanent item in the line, which is great if you were curious and even better for the return policy if this leaves you wanting more!

Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter ($55 CAD)

marc jacobs dew dropsmarc jacobs dew drops

The Dew Drops is a really strange formula. It doesn’t blend out well with a beauty blender and requires your fingers to a dense brush to buff out the product on your face. It also dries quite fast so if you dont go in right away to buff it out, you’ll likely be left with some blotchy patches of highlight. Once it sets, this doesn’t budge at all and is one of the very few liquid highlighters that literally last all day on me. I’m talking about after an 8 hour day in the sun, snow or rain this highlight will show up at the end of the day when I’m ready to take my makeup off. When swatched, this looks super gold but when buffed into the skin, it’s a lot less gold and more of a warm champagne shade. Overall, I really like it once I learned how to use it and havent put it down since I picked it up.

Finish-Line Perfecting Coconut Setting Powder ($59 CAD)

Finish-Line Perfecting Coconut Setting Powder

While I love this powder and could definitely see myself running through it, I wouldn’t repurchase it again for the following reasons: (1) it’s dupeable. This is a powder that leaves me matte and bright, the same effect my RCMA or Laura Mercier powders give me (2) the packaging drives me insane. There’s this mesh opening for the powder that doesn’t dispense a lot (Which is great for a dusting on the face but doesn’t work for baking) and the lid has this weird part that sticks out making it impossible to tap out any product in it and (3) it doesn’t last all day on me.

Swatches from the coconut collection, left to right: bronzer, loose powder and dew drop highlighter:


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