Morphe 9A Always Golden Eyeshadow Palette

The Morphe 9A Always Golden Eyeshadow Palette ($16 CAD) is available at Sephora

I was genuinely surprised with how much I ended up loving this palette. Not only do the colours work beautifully together, but the quality of the shadows are equally amazing. 9A contains 3 shimmers and 6 mattes, which is a nice variety for a complete look.

I can get everything from a smokey look out of this palette, to a natural grunge look, without having to reach for any other shade. I especially love the number of neutral and warm brown – camel shades in this palette! Finding good ones are really hard so to have both in one palette is makeup heaven.

Spendid (a matte medium camel), Myself (light, matte camel) and Surprise (shimmery golden champagne):

Taken (shimmery gunmetal), Witness (neutral matte medium brown), Brews (deep matte neutral brown)

Storm (matte black), Aware (medium matte orange – camel) and Connection (shimmery bronze)

Overall, these shades swatch just as beautiful as they perform. The pigment holds on to it’s colour evenly throughout the application so I dont get any patchiness or bald spots that blend away. The colours are easy to blend, last all day and look amazing together! I’m a huge fan of this palette and find that it’s small enough to keep reaching for on a daily basis without getting overwhelmed.

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