NEW at Sephora: Jo Malone Roundup!

Jo Malone London is a British fragrance brand that offers perfumes, candles, soaps, creams and diffusers. The brand encourages layering perfume scents on top of each other, which from having done so works really well. Scents are a hard thing to review because smell is so subjective and once mixed with individual pheromones smells different on everyone. Regardless, I think Jo Malone products offer great gift ideas (the brand offers small soaps, candles and hand creams at a $30 price point). Here’s my best try if you were on the fence!

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne (1.0 oz/ 30ml spray): $90 CAD
Notes: Ambrette Seeds, Sea Salt and Sage.
For starters, the spray on this bottle is a little annoying – the perfume shoots out less of a light mist and more of a heavy and thin spray. Beyond that, the best way I could describe this cologue is that it has a slight rubbing alcohol smell to it that actually works with the rest of the notes in this perfume. I can smell the sea-salt, which smells like the ocean – it’s definitely a fresh scent. This perfume smells wonderfully unique but doesnt last very long on me, so I wouldn’t repurchase.

Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne (3.4oz/ 100 ml spray): $175 CAD
Notes: Bees Wax, Vanilla and Musk
The spray on the larger bottle is great – product comes out as a light broad mist. The scent is not too strong nor too light – it’s nicely in the middle. I can smell the light hints of Earl Grey, which are pleasantly not too overpowering. This scent is the perfect middle ground between fresh and fruity and although it doesnt last all day on me, I do enjoy the scent. 

Pomegranate Noir Scented Candle (2.1 oz, 60g): $45 CAD
Notes: Pomegranate, Casablanca Lily, Guaiacwood
I love this scent- it gives me everything I thought I hated in scents: pomegranate (which is not even noticable) and slightly spicy (but it works when mixed in with my body chemistry). For those who love a good candle or are Jo Malone fans, this is such a cute gift idea for a housewarming celebration. I haven’t brought myself to be able to light mine but every time I need a pick me up I take a sniff and an overwhelming amount of happiness fills my soul 🙂 Dramatic for a candle? yes. Would I buy a full size for myself? no – TOO expensive!. Do I love the one I have? absolutely

Red Roses Bath Soap (100g): $22 CAD
Notes: lemon, scarlet velvet rose, honeycomb
In all honesty, I cant bring myself to opening this bar of soap because it looks so beautiful and sits on my vanity with my Jo Malone collection. So, I cant really comment on the scent but can contest that this is a great gift giving idea. Through the package this definitely smells floral and I can pick up on the rose scent quite heavily


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