Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Makeup: Natural Beige

Revlon primarily markets the Photoready Insta-Fix Makeup ($11.94 CAD) as a ‘retoucher’. Taken from the website, the description for this is:

Revlon creates the instant skin retoucher. Light-Filtering Technology gives skin an instantly perfected, retouched look. Use all over the face, to conceal flaws, or for touch ups — Anytime, Anywhere.

The notion that this can be applied on top of foundation to correct areas that have faded is a steep claim because in order for this stick to blend in well with your current foundation, it needs to be a compatible formula. I couldn’t find the ingredient list on this product, but both foundations would need to be either water, oil or silicone based. If not for example, it could be like mixing water with oil – it wont work! And that’s what happened to me…

I applied this as a foundation over a beauty oil (I used the Tatcha one) and it looked horrible. The foundation did not melt into my skin at all, it stayed as a clumpy layer on top and looked horribly unnatural. Worse yet, when I went in to blend out the foundation with my hands, hoping the warmth of my fingers would help melt the product into my face, I ended up swiping it off completely! This foundation just would not stick to my face for the life of me. I had to go in with a heavy amount of setting powder to create a barrier on top of the foundation so I could apply blushers /highlighters and bronzers on top of it but as the day went on, if I touched my face, the foundation would still wipe completely off.

Even when I wore this on top of a silicone based primer, the foundation stick wasn’t as creamy as i’d hope it would be so I had to keep swiping lines all over my face just to get a medium coverage. As a concealer, this is way too sheer and dry for me. This product is just too high maintenance for me. I like the idea of a drug store cream foundation stick but the execution fell short for me. I feel like Revlon is falling behind so many brands, I hope they step it up soon because they do have some hidden O.G. stars.

It’s probably not a surprise to you that this is not beauty swached approved. Has anyone gotten on better with this product than me?


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